Free cPanel Hosting – Reasons Why People Choose It

Free cPanel hosting exists in large number today. You’d find through several web directory sites that there is plenty to choose from. There is one simple reason for that. Software creators, re-sellers and users alike find that no other software makes web hosting more straightforward than the cPanel language. Hence, if you are planning to build a site, might as well consider paid or free cPanel hosting.

But what is a cPanel application? In a hosting plan, a cPanel application is composed of various software components. Among many control panels available in the market, this is considered to be state of the art. Whether you are a newbie or a geek, you would find that managing several tasks with cPanel is as easy as one, two, and three. And here are other aspects of cPanel that many people like:

It makes web hosting easy. It comes to the fore with its user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface) which helps in simplifying complex web tasks such as creation of databases and subdomains, uploading of software, dumping information, processing of emails, installation of WordPress on domains (provided that the Fantastico script has been installed), website tracking and many other tasks. Some provider even offer free domain to users.

It allows safe site testing and experimentation. Free cPanel hosting provides you space to experiment with various techniques on the site. A series of experimentation and testing with Php Composer cheap risks helps develop confidence and competence even for newbies.

It works for any purpose. Zero-cost hosting works great for any purpose from non-business hubs such as a hobby or family website to small start-up commerce-related sites. Free unlimited hosting is a suitable choice.

It makes backup creation and host-transfer a child’s play. In just few short clicks, the user can create a back up or move the data to the new host.

It provides excellent support. cPanel provides an incredible free web troubleshooting and script debugging support. It also allows the user to actively monitor the traffic flow using actual and real time statistics. This not only solves the difficulty of site management but also aids in other departments involved in the business such as marketing. cPanel also has a statistics-viewer which will help gauge which part of the site needs to be improved.

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