All Inclusive Cruises – Are They Really All Inclusive?

Growing every year is the cruise industry. Taking to the seas for adventure and relaxation are more and more people. Because you aren’t racing to get to some destination, a cruise ship helps you to slow down and take life more casually, which is a nice thing. Cruising is all about the journey. While the destination may be memorable, even more memories will probably be made on board the ship.

The idea of having to schedule all the legs of the journey is the one thing that makes people hesitant to book a cruise for the first time: airline tickets, hotel reservations, entertainment, and sight-seeing options. That is when all inclusive cruises become a viable option. People who just want to go and don’t want to worry about the details are who these cruise packages are aimed.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of All Inclusive Cruises

The primary advantage of all inclusive cruises, as mentioned above, is that all the planning is taken care of for you, right down to the times and places you will stay and eat and be entertained. This is ideal for some people. Often we become so stressed having to make multiple decisions in our daily lives; it is nice to leave the decision-making to someone else once in a while. All-inclusive cruises normally mean that your lodging, food and entertainment options are all included in the price of the cruise.

There are, however, disadvantages to all inclusive cruises. Some of these include the fact that you may not have much choice in your meal options and anything extra, like snacks, or different, like special dietary needs; will need to be paid for separately. Another consideration is alcohol. Be sure you understand if your All Inclusive Cruises all inclusive cruise includes unlimited, limited or no alcoholic beverages. An important consideration to think about is if you are planning to eat and drink to excess on your cruise.

Also, your entertainment options may be limited on all inclusive cruises. It may not include the main attraction or the casino, but there should be some sort of entertainment provided.

These are all things to consider as you evaluate the value of an all inclusive cruise. Be sure to shop around and do some research on the Internet. Price the individual components separately, so you can see if you can save money and plan a more pleasant cruise on your own.

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